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Complete marketing salesman tracking and reporting App.

Monger Track is developed to provide solution for marketing salesman tracking and reporting. There are no signup option for employee from this app, admin creates employee from admin panel and send welcome email to him, which have app download link with user id and password to use APP.

This app has following features

Individual login for each salesman, Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM) hierarchy

Attendance in and out with GPS location tracking with map.

Live Employee Location – Know EXACT location of your staff in Google Maps during office hours. Field staff real time tracking.

Time Specific Tracking – Track ONLY during specific pre defined timings.

Monthly schedule plan.

Parties meeting and submitting collection daily basis.

Parties wise order placing, order detail instant emails to distributors, party and admin.

Monthly reporting with day wise collection, orders and GPS map.

ZSM reporting, ZSM can view reports of under staffs.

Employee tracking App makes easy for companies in India or world wide to manage its marketing staff by proper attendance, salary, orders, collections and daily/weekly/monthly reports.

We at Master Mind, have always thrived on providing simplified application solutions to the clients that not only enhances their growth prospects in business, but also offers reliable and satisfactory results.
We are offering sales employee tracking app as SaaS (software as a service), you get a white label system at nominal charges for employee tracking app and we provide all updates, hosting and maintenance of the web & android app for employee location tracking app.
We built Monger Track for solution of sales employee tracking in different type of industries like FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Field Service, Footwear Manufacturers, Garment Manufacturers in India. We get app of your brand and company name, it’s your brand promotion free of cost. This is useful field staff tracking software.
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MongerTrack - Sales Employee Tracking App

User Types and Attendance

There are two types of users who will use this app.
1. Salesman
2. ZSM (Head of salesmen of area)
User will download app from google play store and install it on his phone.
He need to login in app by Employee Id and Password. (Add will email him by web panel.)

My Attendance
After Login Attendance screen will come, on which he can mark today attendance and can view current month attendance.
Salesman can’t enter any collection amount and order without mark attendance.
Before marking today attendance system will check about previous day reporting. If previous day attendance marked and reporting not submitting then it will give an alert to submit report of previous day.


Retailer/Party Meeting Order and collection

After marked attendance, retailer meeting form will open.
Salesman will select city and all parties of that city will display with retailer name, contact no, city, Collection amount button, Order button.
Salesman will see all parties and put collection amount and place order of retailer.
On click collection a popup will open and salesman will enter collected amount from that retailer.
On click order button a popup will open. Salesman will search product and filtered products will display. On tab of required product a popup will open with Product name, Pack, Shipper, MRP, RATE and quantity.
Salesman will enter no of quantity which he wants and submit.
Selected product will show on order list with product name, quantity and amount.
n numbers of product can be added in this list for order.
On tab of product name, we can change the quantity of product and can remove that from cart.
Total amount of cart will be show there and on Submit order will placed.
On submitting each respective retailer and Distributor/C & F/Super Distributor will receive an email of placed order, Admin will also receive a copy of that.
Salesman will enter collected amount and order for retailer to which he will meet.
If retailer does not exist in list then he will have an option to add new with all fields like name, contact no, D/L No., GST No., Transport Name, Date of birth and Wedding anniversary in App and web admin panel.
After adding it will reflect in list. He will add collected amount and order.


Day Remark, Order History and Retailer Order History

Day Remark
After confirming all parties collection amount and order, he will enter a whole day remark.

Order History
Salesman can view his orders of current month under this with date, Order no. retailer name and amount.

Retailer Order History
In this salesman can select any retailer and can view order history for a particular time period (From to date).
Salesman can view order history of only his parties but a ZSM can view order history of his and his staff’s parties.


My Daily Reports and Monthly Schedule

My Daily Reports
Salesman can see his current month’s report which he submit daily.
He will see Date, City in which he worked, Total day collection and order amount and His location image.

My Monthly Schedule
Salesman will have option to submit his next month schedule each month.
He will enter city in which he will work on each Date of month and on submit it will updated on schedule.
He can see current month entered schedule also.


Staff Daily/Monthly Reports

Staff Monthly Reports (This will be applicable only for ZSM)
ZSM will search salesman name, year and month to view particular salesman report.
He will see Date, City in which employee worked, Total day collection and order amount and employee location image.

Staff Daily Report (This will be applicable only for ZSM)
By default ZSM can view current day report of all his salesman with Salesman name, city, Collection/Order amount, Day Remark, location map.
There will be an option to view previous (and next) day reporting also.


MongerTrack - Sales Employee Tracking Web Panel

Web panel for admin

Company Management
You can create/edit your companies here that reflect in whole system.

Business Partners Management
To manage all Distributors, C&F and Super Distributors.

Products Management
To manage products according to companies and Distributors, C&F and Super Distributors different prices.

Salesman Management
To manage all salesman with C&F and Business Partners linking. Username password will send on his email.

Daily salesman report, Collection Report, Monthly Schedule, Monthly TP/Working Report.

Order Management
To check all orders placed by salesmen with Business Partners linking.

To manage different types of setting.


Username: demoadmin | Password: demopass

Have queries? Call us at (+91) 9907201073

Field Staff Task Management and Live Field Staff Tracking.

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Nice App - by , Sep 1, 2017
5 / 5
Sales employees attendance, leaves, salary are managing well. Collection and orders from party are more managed. Really useful App.
Good App - by , Sep 28, 2017
5 / 5
Employees tracking is working fine.
Working Fine. - by , Sep 03, 2017
5 / 5
I am using this app, location of employees are tracking well :)
Satisfied - by , Sep 08, 2017
5 / 5
Installed Monger Track and using for my 10 sales employees, i am satisfied with this App :)
Full Satisfied - by , Sep 10, 2017
5 / 5
I was frustrated with my sales fields employees, they were giving me wrong information of field. But after using Monger Track i am getting all right information. Easy to use and perfect App for me.
Useful App - by , Sep 12, 2017
5 / 5
I am happy with App that now i get all information on a single click :)
Satisfied with App - by , Sep 10, 2017
5 / 5
Now i can track my sales employee any time by my phone. Order is coming instantly on my email by Monger Track.